About Ambitiouzz

Vision & mission

Everyone is entitled to a place in society and everyone can be of significance. Ambitiouzz sees it as our duty to use all existing opportunities to get the best out of ourself. This is the best for you, but also for society.

Unfortunately, there are enough people who are still looking for their place in society. For example because they do not speak the language or do not understand the culture. We like to help and use our knowledge, creativity and strength to help. Ambitiouzz does this by developing, managing and / or executing projects and activities aimed at social activation, integration and reintegration.

Ambitiouzz is different than other language and integration schools. At Ambitiouzz it is the most important to help our students find their own place. Even if that requires a different approach or requires more than just learning the language. We also like to help arrange an internship or job, for example.

Who is Ambitiouzz?

Ambitiouzz was founded by Giovanna Gill, an ambitious and creative woman who wants to make a substantial contribution to society.

Since 1995 she has been committed by helping disadvantaged groups to find their place within society. After her education in Social Services and Pedagogy / Psycho Social Work and years of experience in social services, social cultural work and reintegration, it was now time to focus on her passion: helping people find their place.

Together with certified teachers and supervisors she is committed to fulfill her mission.


Haar motto: Being Ambitiouzz is a State of Mind